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Celebrating the 37th Anniversary of
Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

and introducing
“Man’s Temptation” – The New CD By Kermit Lynch
All Proceeds benefit the Chez Panisse Foundation
Wednesday, October 7, 7pm
Great American Music Hall
$125 (tax deductible!)
Visit or call 888-233-0449 to purchase tickets

Pre-Order Kermit’s new CD by calling the retail shop at 510.524.1524!

Check out our new blog page for more info on the event, the CD release, and to listen to selected tracks!



Some 2007 white Burgundies wow me as much as any recent vintages. The style of Bruno Colin’s 2007s? Lively aromatically and on the palate; in some there are hints of mint and lime mingled with gorgeous Chardonnay fruit and a remarkably fine touch of oak; all are marked by great charm and generosity except the Morgeot, which is rather firm and, for the moment, closed in on itself.

And Bruno’s dad, Michel? He makes the Colin-Deléger wines. Well, out of barrel I tasted three aromatic wonders with marvelous balance. In fact, I noted Les Demoiselles as one of the three finest 2007s I tasted in Burgundy, a stunning success.

Bruno Colin
2007 Saint-Aubin “Le Charmois” 1er Cru $274.00/case
2007 Chassagne-Montrachet “Les Chaumées” 1er Cru 450.00/case
2007 Chassagne-Montrachet “La Maltroie” 1er Cru 450.00/case
2007 Chassagne-Montrachet “Morgeot” 1er Cru 450.00/case
2007 Chassagne-Montrachet “En Remilly” 1er Cru 450.00/case
2007 Chassagne-Montrachet “Les Vergers” 1er Cru 450.00/case
2007 Puligny-Montrachet “La Truffière” 1er Cru 756.00/case

2007 Chassagne-Montrachet “En Remilly” 1er Cru $492.00/case
2007 Puligny-Montrachet “Les Demoiselles” 1er Cru 972.00/case
2007 Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru 1608.00/case

Pre-arrival terms: Half-payment due with order;
balance due upon arrival.



As I write this, I am still in Provence, but I will be home for Provence Day. That’s when we try to re-create some of the magic of Provence right here in Berkeley. We’ll set up tables and tents in our handy parking lot, peel tons of garlic, fire up a huge grill, and uncork some palatable wines from the south of France. It’s a blast!

The event is presented by Café Fanny and our chef is Christopher Lee. The price will be more than fair, as usual, and there will be music in the air.

C’mon everybody, let’s party Provençal style. Note the date:

11 a.m. to 4 p.m.



Syrah is an important grape in many wines throughout southern France, and there is an argument to be made for Syrah’s being France’s noblest grape variety. Of course the Bordelais and Burgundians would have something very relevant to say about that assertion, but the breadth of Syrah’s adaptability to different climates and soils across France is remarkable.

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