Oyster Bliss 2010 Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended our 19th annual Oyster Bliss! The weather was stunning, the food ample, and the wine refreshing. The hit wine of the event was without question the 2009 Reuilly Pinot Gris Rosé from Denis Jamain—if you haven’t had a chance to grab a bottle of this, don’t hesitate, it won’t be around long.

Kermit spent some time mingling with customers and happened upon a friendly couple from Joseph Swan Vineyards who brought a classic Kermit Lynch wine—1984 Chablis “Blanchot” Grand Cru from Domaine Raveneau. Kermit’s expression showed that memories were going through his head, not only of the 1984, but of his old pal Joe Swan.

Below are some pics from this year’s Oyster Bliss. See you at our next event!

Oyster-Bliss-2010-5The unsung heroes of Oyster Bliss

Oyster-Bliss-2010-4A half dozen of Barron Point Oysters from Little Skookum Inlet, Wasthington

Oyster-Bliss-2010-3Kermit and the 1984 Chablis “Blanchot” Grand Cru

Oyster-Bliss-2010-2Wines by the glass

Oyster-Bliss-2010-1Chris Lee’s grilled sausages

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