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2008 Châteauneuf-du-Pape “La Crau” • Domaine duVieux Télégraphe
by Steve Waters, Retail Manager

One of the things I like about working here is that we taste every wine before it is offered to our clients. We don’t have shelf talkers; we feature educated tasters—actual living, breathing, thinking human beings who taste before speaking to you.

Pre-arrival offerings are no exception. Just the other day, sample bottles of this 2008 Domaine du Vieux Télégraphe Châteauneuf-du-Pape rouge arrived by air for tasting, and the staff was assembled with wine glasses at the ready. The anticipation to taste the wine was palpable. A new Vieux Télégraphe! As everyone swirled and slurped and made various gurgling sounds, we came to a consensus: this was one of the most approachable V.T. vintages in quite some time. Loaded with generous, deep berry fruit and ample body, the wine was open, accessible, even charming, and flowed easily across the palate because of its soft tannin. Don’t get me wrong—you’re looking at some great Châteauneuf-du-Pape that will age splendidly, but the beauty of this wine is in its precocious nature. And let’s not forget the stones—we concluded that Henri Brunier, the recently deceased patriarch of Vieux Télégraphe, would be extremely proud of this wine and its stony nature. The 2008 Vieux Télégraphe is from a perfect vintage that will allow you the opportunity to pop a bottle every year and gauge the course of the wine over the next decade and beyond. Kermit said it reminds him of the 1972 when it was young.

$687 per case fifths

Pre-arrival terms: Half-payment due with order, balance due upon arrival.


White Loire Sampler

by Clark Z. Terry

A Sampler replete with white wine from the Loire is well timed for spring. Clean, crisp, refreshing, and—my favorite attribute—quaffable epitomize these wines.

Here we have three Sauvignon Blancs (Sancerre, Reuilly, Pouilly-Fumé), two Chenin Blancs (Savennières, Vouvray), and a stunning bottle of the nearly extinct Sauvignon Gris (Fié Gris). Don’t expect these six wines to all taste the same—diversity is the name of the game in the Loire.

per bottle

2008 Sancerre • Daniel Chotard


2008 Reuilly Blanc “Les Pierres Plates” • Denis Jamain


2008 Pouilly-Fumé VV • Régis Minet


2008 Fié Gris • Éric Chevalier


2008 Savennières Sec “Cuvée Spéciale” • Château d’Epiré


2008 Vouvray Sec • Domaine Champalou


Normally $128.90
Special Sampler Price $97
(25% discount)


Bordeaux Vintage Sampler

by Clark Z. Terry

It is worth showcasing when we have multiple vintages available from one domaine or château. In this case we have three producers, two vintages from each, all from one region. This Sampler is a study in vintage appreciation. My advice: Decant each wine and drink with food. See which producer you enjoy most and start following future vintages. Buy enough to drink a few young, but make sure to age some, too. The reward will be immense down the line. This is the best deal in Bordeaux out there.

per bottle

2007 Haut-Médoc • Château Aney


2006 Haut-Médoc • Château Aney


2007 Lalande-de-Pomerol • Château Belles-Graves


2006 Lalande-de-Pomerol • Château Belles-Graves


2007 Lussac St. Emilion • Château de Bellevue


2005 Lussac St. Emilion • Château de Bellevue


Normally $165.00
Special Sampler Price $124
(25% discount)

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  1. I love your wines. Can you tell me how to take advantage of your selections and especially your deals in NYC?

    Thank you.

    Stephen Strick

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