Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant At Outside Lands

You may not realize it but there was a time in San Francisco’s history when what became Golden Gate Park was nothing but a huge expanse of sand dunes and scrub brush. “The Outside Lands,” as it was referred to in the 1860’s, incorporated a ten-thousand acre tract that included the present-day Richmond and Sunset districts of the city. The development of Golden Gate Park, stretching westward through the middle of the Outside Lands, was a latter nineteenth century San Francisco endeavor to create an Eden from the desert rivaling Central Park in New York City. Can you imagine a tree-less landscape where walking toward the Pacific Ocean would require “trudging for miles through a dunescape for the pleasure of inhaling gusts of sand?”1

The Outside Lands music festival in Golden Gate Park on August 12-14, 2011 is a three-day celebration of incredible live music, food, wine, and art. For the first time ever, Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant will be pouring a few tasty selections in the wine tent during the entire festival. Please join us for a glass or two at this momentous San Francisco experience and hopefully wash away a parched throat after imagining yourself high atop a sand dune, back-in-the-day, gazing upon the Outside Lands.

1 Dreyfus, Philip J. Our Better Nature: Environment and the Making of San Francisco. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2008.

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