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Paris 2015

Tweet by Kermit Lynch Again, this year I urge our readers who are going to Paris for several days or weeks to research finding an apartment rather than a hotel. For one thing, you can enjoy shopping for your own cooking. Remarkable vegetables? Google Joël Thiébault and frequent his street market stand. His lettuces are […]

The (Im)possible Pairing: On A Mission

Tweet I am proud to present the first edition of what will be an ongoing segment of the KLWM blog: The (Im)possible Pairing. Here’s the idea: we enjoy eating all sorts of food types, and we think that every meal should be accompanied by a good glass of wine. Some foods, however, are more problematic […]

The KLWM Crew Goes to Dinner

Tweet Talking about wine all day is an enjoyable and some might even say envious occupation. We here in the retail shop certainly have a good time, but every so often we need to get out, visit restaurants with exciting menus, and experience the reality of our everyday musings. Last Saturday, we headed up to […]