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may-wineorn1In this month’s newsletter…


So, two Pallières this year. One wears the designation “Les Racines,” or The Roots. It comes from what were the original vines planted around the ancient winery. I go for the name because, you know me, roots music, roots wine.

The other is “Terrasse du Diable,” Terrace of the Devil, the historic name of a very special parcel at Pallières. Don’t think of either as a cuvée spéciale. This is more like Tempier’s “Migoua” and “Tourtine.” Equal, even similar, but different.

“Les Racines” concentrates on the pretty, flirtatious, seductive, gushing-with-cornucopian-fruit character unique to Pallières. “Terrasse du Diable” has the darker soul, more structure—a more intellectual side, if you will, of the Pallières experience. We found that our two favorite aspects of the Pallières goût de terroir are heightened more when separated.

$336 per case
(also available in tenths)

$336 per case
(also available in magnums, jeroboams, and methuselahs)


20% by the bottle, 30% by the case

Ever since our economy was Bushwhacked, there has been a slowdown and I want to clear out some remaining inventory and make room for the 2007s, which are beginning to arrive. We are known for our outstanding portfolio of white Burgundy domaines, and it seems that stocking up on these great wines at a drastic discount is a smart move. A list of sale wines is available in the newsletter. Check out this post for notes on our first round of tasting some of these wines and check back for future postings as we taste through more white Burgundy.


  1. Uzi says:

    Coming right over! Can I e-mail my order?

  2. Joon Song says:

    After a hiatus of a year and a half I was finally back in Berkeley and able to stop by KLWM. With some input from the staff I picked up:

    2007 Domaine A. Et. P. De Villaine “La Fortune” (Bourgogne, Cote Chalonnaise)

    2008 Domaine De Reuilly pinot gris rose (Reuilly)

    2007 Clos la Coutales malbec (Cahors)

    All were superb in their own way. The pinot gris rose was light, clean, and refreshing and a good accompaniment for shrimp ceviche. The “La Fortune” was pure, refined, and subtle, with a bit of cherry and spice–an excellent pinot. The Clos la Coutales was dark and substantial, the more cultured European cousin of New World malbec.

    Thank you for a wonderful trio of wine!

    Joon S.

  3. bbaxter says:

    do you have villaine la fortune cote chalonnaise 2007 burgundy red

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