A Corky Bastille Day

Today’s guest blogger is Mark Congero. Check out his last two appearances on the blog, here and here.

This is by far my favorite wine story, not only because it is about my daughter Isabella but it is also quite funny. It takes place at Chez Panisse on Bastille Day 2008.

I stopped by the restaurant with Isabella to say to hello to some friends and have a glass of rosé. It was a beautiful, warm Berkeley afternoon and I ordered a glass of Fontsainte’s Gris de Gris Rosé and some olives. One of the bartenders jokingly asked if Isabella wanted a taste, she was one and half at the time. I told him that Isabella is actually quite fond of rosé or vino rosado as she calls it.  The bartender did not believe me so I told him to watch closely. I let Isa hold my glass (which I had not yet tasted), she swirled, sniffed and took a tiny sip. Instead of the big smile I usually get, she made a funny face and said “no Daddy.” The bartender laughed and said something like “I told you so.”

After a few minutes of banter with a friend I went take a drink of my wine and it was CORKED! My two year old picked out a corked bottle of rosé and I could not have been a prouder Papa. I of course let the bartender know that my daughter had picked out the corked wine (and he did not) and that she and I would love a glass from a fresh bottle. She gladly took sip and gave me the big grin that I am used to seeing. Needless to say everyone was very impressed with Isa’s tasting skills and the story is now legend. I’m sure this will grow into one of those stories that she will be sick of hearing as she grows older but Dad will never grow tired of telling it.



  1. Isabel says:

    Owesome!!. Thats my Grandaughter!!!

  2. Ronald Stevenson says:

    Wonder what the ABC would say about this

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