November Newsletter: Pinot & Pineau, Beaujolais Nouveau, Due Out 11/12: New Edition of Adventures, Annual Champagne Sale

The November newsletter is now available.
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Highlights from this month’s newsletter…


by Dixon Brooke

Champagne is one of the easiest things to forget when it comes to planning a personal cellar. It shouldn’t be forgotten, but almost always is. An aged bottle of vintage Champagne will become one of the most treasured bottles from your collection, especially since it will probably be used to celebrate a special occasion.

There is something in our annual Champagne sale for everyone, and we make it easy for you to stock up for all of your end-of-year party needs with authentic, estate-grown and -bottled Champagnes. But I want to bring special attention to the rare bottlings listed here, as these are, in my judgment, the most exciting part of this offer. If for no other reason, you almost never see Champagne this good sold at this deep a discount. Our November discount, before the holiday season, has become a KLWM tradition. At these prices, put away some great bottles that will improve tremendously with time. And why not stock up on our non-vintage Champagne for lesser occasions? There are many pretenders to the throne, but there is no substitute for Champagne.




by Clark Z. Terry

The arrival of the Durban Beaumes-de-Venise Rouge is an annual source of excitement for me. The 2005 vintage was my first exposure to the wine, and I have managed to slowly drink a case over the past six years.

The 2012 Rouge promises the same prolonged pleasure that the 2005 did. It is rare to find a wine where the velvety texture, structure, and earthy Grenache fruit are in such perfect balance.

Certainly it begs the question: Is Kermit crazy to sell this for only $18? Luckily, the domaine offers it to us at an irresistable price.

$18.00 per bottle  $194.40 per case

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