Adventures, Celebrating 25 Years

Book-Cover200Twenty-five years after the original publication, Kermit revisits Adventures on the Wine Route. In this 25th Anniversary Edition, he looks back on how his business and the wine industry has changed since the 1980s. Kermit has brought the narrative up-to-date with an extended epilogue, delving into new trends: natural wine, the importance of sommeliers, and influence of the press; as well as reflecting on where the vignerons and domaines from the past have now ended up.

Today marks the release date of this new edition and we hope you find it as entertaining and informative as the first.

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80 Kermit cellar door_360
Kermit at Richard Olney’s cellar, circa 1980 ©Gail Skoff


 Kermit at his home in Bandol ©Luca Locatelli for The NY Times 

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