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Wine From Yesteryear

“Have you ever tasted anything like this?” said Kermit to the 23-year-old at our staff tasting the other night. She laughed while simultaneously saying “No, never.” I laughed along with her, having been asked the same question during my first years here, meanwhile relishing no longer being the youngest at these tastings. The wine in […]

Then and Now – Château d’Epiré

Our early history with the Savennières producer Château d’Epiré (our longest standing relationship from the Loire) is one that became all too familiar to Kermit over the years—in 1985, the patriarch of the family, Monsieur Bizard passed away: “The family was crushed. I was emotional. Tears flowed. And there were problems, they said, because Monsieur […]

The Saveur of Savennières

Saturday night I planned on watching the Alabama – Tennessee football game and my wife, slightly less excited about the prospect than I was, asked if I would go pick up some oysters in Beaune for a pre-game treat.  Who was I to say no?  Why not make it a gourmet game day experience.  When […]

Tasting Recap – Thursday, March 26th

Last week’s staff tasting at the Berkeley shop featured a line-up of classic Kermit Lynch imports. Kermit likes to taste white before red, young before old, and north to south so we started off far to the north in Alsace with a couple wines from Maison Kuentz-Bas. Kuentz-Bas strives for a traditional style of winemaking, […]