45th Anniversary Party

oysters! sausages! wine!

Saturday, April 29
11 am 4 pm
1605 San Pablo Avenue, at Cedar Street in Berkeley

With some astonishment, I learn that my wine business is forty-five years old. I’m not sure what to say about that. “Glad to have made it this long” won’t generate much excitement. Glad I am, however. I almost didn’t have the chance to even imagine opening a wine shop—if the Berkeley post office back then hadn’t refused my desperate application for employment, I would probably be a retired postman possessing not nearly the wine cellar I do now.
I’d also like to say, let’s get together and celebrate for some reason or another—oh yeah, the little matter of KLWM’s 45th anniversary! Let’s close the parking lot to cars like we used to, fire up the grill, uncork some fun wines, and toast what humankind has so far been kind enough to leave for us of this beautiful little planet.
Our parking lot parties are my idea of fun. The aroma of cooking and smoke fills the air, and people begin settling in with plates of food and glasses of wine. The noise level of group chatter grows louder and happier as lunch continues and is music to my ears. People having fun is a beautiful sound. That’s one reason I hate loud music in restaurants—I like the noise dining and drinking inspire. And one more toast:

Here’s to you, wine.
You’ve opened a lot of doors for me and saved me
from a possibly bleak, uncertain future.

Hope to see you soon. Kermit


  1. sorry we can not make the August 13 event but was wondering if you have a date for a Sept.event yet. Thanks
    Terry Murray and Tommy Thompson

    • admin says:

      Hi Terry & Tommy!
      We don’t have dates yet for September, but we will update this page as soon as we do! Are you on our email list for event updates? If not, let me know if you would like to me to add your email!

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