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Bouillabaisse Recipe for Provence Day

Chris Lee, the chef for our parking lot events, has graciously provided a bouillabaisse recipe to whet your palates for Provence Day. If you can’t make it to the event, have your own personal Provence Day and give this recipe a go. See you on Saturday! Saturday, September 18 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Cash […]

Thanks for coming to Provence in Berkeley

Thank you to everyone who came to Provence Day last Saturday…the event was quite a success! Chef Christopher Lee made 675 portions of bouillabaisse, all of which were consumed by about 3 pm! Chris’s sous chef, Samin Nosrat, provided this break down of all the ingredients that went into the bouillabaisse: 60 lbs shrimp 130 […]

Bouillabaisse on the menu for Provence Day!

Here’s a note from Kermit with details on our menu for our annual Provence Day… Our chef Chris Lee is going to serve up the ultimate Provençal fish dish, BOUILLABAISSE, including toasted croutons and rouille. It is a stew or soup that can be accompanied by red, white, or rosé and all three colors will […]