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Technical Information

Wine Blend Vine Age Soil Type Vineyard Area*
Langhe Favorita “Gratia”
50% Arneis, 50% Favorita 5 years Clay with Lime-rich Marl .005 ha
Langhe Rosso Pinot Nero “Arneg”
PInot Nero 10 years Clay with Lime-rich Marl 1 ha
Langhe Nebbiolo “Villa Gentiana”
Nebbiolo 41 - 48 years Clay with Lime-rich Marl 2 ha total
Barbera “Gens Hoelia”
Barbera 40 years average Clay with Lime-Rich Marl .17 ha
Nebbiolo 41 - 48 years Clay with Lime-rich Marl 2 ha total
* "ha" = hectares; one hectare equals roughly two and a half acres


• All fermentations are natural, using only indigenous yeasts

Langhe Favorita “Gratia” :

• Vinification in temperature-controlled stainless steel

• Wine does not go through malolactic fermentation

Langhe Rosso Pinot Nero “Arneg”:

• Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel tank

• After fermentation, wine ages for 10 to 12 months in 3 to 4 year old 5 hectoliter tonneaux

• Aged in bottle for 6 months

• Wine is note filtered nor fined
• “Arneg” is a local word that is used during a Piedmontese card game. It literally means “renegade”

Langhe Nebbiolo “Villa Gentiana”:

• Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel lasts about 10 days

• Aged about 10 months, part in tonneaux of 5 hectoliters and part in Slavonian oak botti of 20-30 hectoliters

• This Nebbiolo comes from the same vineyard as the Vicenziana and also qualifies for the Barbaresco D.O.C., but Silvio declassifies it to keep the two wines distinct. He divides the two based purely on tastings, but the Langhe Nebbiolo generally comes from the lower part of the slope, which is slightly cooler and was planted more recently.

Barbaresco Vicenziana:

• Temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel lasts about 20 days
• Aged in Slavonian oak botti (barrels) of 20-30 hectoliters for 2-3 years

Barbera “Gens Hoelia”:
• Vinified in stainless steel
• 8 to 10 day maceration, then wine finished primary and malolactic fermentation in 4 to 5 year old tonneaux
• Wine ages in tonneaux for 10 to 15 months


Licenziana / Vicenziana / Villa Gentiana:

The name of the Vicenziana vineyard is a mutation of “Villa Gentiana” for the manor of the ancient Roman consul Lollio Genziano, which once occupied this land. In the 1970s the Piedmontese dialect was still commonly used and the zone was known as “Licenziana,” which Luigi Giamello chose as the name of his estate. The vineyard name was officially changed later to the standard Italian “Vicenziana,” so the Giamellos’ Barbaresco now carries both versions of the name: in dialect for the name of the estate and in standard Italian for the vineyard designation. Luigi’s son Silvio has also named his Langhe Nebbiolo “Villa Gentiana” since it comes from the same parcel.

Gens Hoelia:
Documents from Roman times show “Gens Hoelia” - families named Elia - lived in the area. The name also has a double meaning for Silvio and Marina because it means “family (of) Elia” and that is their older son’s name.

General Information

Langhe, Barbaresco
Silvio Giamello
ca 1900
Annual Production
850 cases
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